The Judgment By Franz Kafka

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The story called The Judgment by Franz Kafka is a short story about a man named Georg and how his relationship with his father is proven to be unbalanced. The story begins with Georg’s desire but hesitation to mail a letter to a distance friend in Russia about the new things in his life. Georg, who is living with his father, decides to bring it to share what he wants to share him what he wants to share with his Russian friend. The leads to what reveals a very distant and estranged relationship between him and his father. The story between begins in an odd way with how they interact at first and ends with the tragic death of Georg. To understand the story and why things happen, you first need to understand the relationship between the father and son. The father demonstrates superiority over the son and expresses it in a variety of ways. Despite Georg’s desire to be leave and free, he is emotionally tied to the home and is control by his father through the dominance and manipulation that his father exerts upon him. Georg can’t move on from the home and despite the good new things in his life, his father is in ultimately in control of his life because for his father, his son is all he has and he refuses to let go of him. Georg is emotionally disconnected from the world and the window in his office represents his view and inability to interact with others. Georg interacts oddly with his window, “With this letter in his hand, Georg had been sitting at his desk for a long time,
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