The Judicial Branch Is The Judge Of Law And Order

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Dating all the way back to the conception of this nation, the judicial branch is the judge of law and order in America. My dad, Juan Bagadion works for the US Courts, in the Southern District of Ohio in Cincinnati. He started working there, in the Probation agency, almost 20 years ago as a programmer, developing software applications and helping the end users. Over time Juan’s position has changed. He became the Systems Administrator when the district decided to consolidate the IT services of Pretrial, Probation and District Courts. During that time, he has had to deal with bosses from different agencies who were not used to the office culture and difficult employees. The change of the office structure and work culture has had a positive effect on the Cincinnati branch and the whole Southern District of Ohio. 20 years ago the atmosphere and work culture of the Probation office at the Southern District of Ohio was very different than what it is today. At that time, the Chief of Probation, Dave Miller, started the shift in work culture. Back then, in the office, most of the probation officers were male and they all had typists and clerical workers. Morale was low due to the bad atmosphere of the office at the time. As a result, the Chief decided to change the way that the office worked. Traditionally, the boss would lead projects and be the person who was solely in charge. The boss would carry out an order and it would go down the chain of workers through the hierarchy of
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