The Judicial System And Prison System

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Throughout history, people have complained about how the courts are corrupt, how the police are corrupt, and how America’s whole legal system is uncontrolled. “I was innocent but was still jailed”; “the cops only targeted me because I was black”; and “How am I to live after ten years of imprisonment”. There’s a need for a reformation or policy changes in how America handles the judicial system and prison system because, currently, it’s chaotic, unfair, and overwhelming. In the judicial system there have been many cases where people have done the same crime, but one person received a harsher punishment than the other. There needs to be a standard or law equality. We have laws in place that try to impose standards like the mandatory minimums law, but they either don’t address the issue, or are too weak to hold any value. The type of unfairness earlier referred to under law is called disparity. Disparity refers to any group of cases where the defendants have similar legal backgrounds, and yet they receive drastically different sentencing. There have been cases where two men in the same state, both murdered a person, with no other court cases behind them. They were legally the same. So they should serve the same time, but they didn’t. One man was executed, while the other one got 20 years to life. This problem is all too common, and one of the main contributors to this fault is the judges themselves. Judges have the final say under almost all court cases, and its common…

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