The Jung Typology

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The Jung Typology Type that best describes my character is Introvert, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging (INFJ); a result that is scarily accurate. The results have provided some insight into personality traits which help and hinder my successfulness. In fact, there has been research that indicates that there is a relationship between someone’s disposition and job satisfaction (Redmond, & Bower, 2015). Therefore, self-awareness, reflection and comprehension are essential to enhance effectiveness, efficiency and personal growth. Having intuition is a strength for a critical care nurse and naval officer. The ability to read a room, to sense someone’s feelings and to respond to someone’s needs intuitively is a great gift. I take great pride in taking care of my patients and my co-workers. However, being introverted has always been a personal trait that I see has a flaw. I often withhold my true thoughts and feelings from everyone. Instead, I have a tendency to base my actions on what someone thinks, how they feel, their reactions to a situation and how I can make things better for them. In doing this, I am self-sabotaging because in many situations my cowardice in communicating these feelings causes anxiety, insomnia and anger at myself and sometimes the individual or organization later on. I feel caught between the need to express my thoughts and opinions and the consequences of doing so just as described by Butt & Heiss (n.d.). I find that my motivation level decreases,
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