The Jungle Book By George Orwell

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Johnson The Fear Necessities Considered a true classic, the Jungle Book has always been a favorite story for children everywhere. The Jungle Book is a compilation of many stories, but the more common stories are the ones involving Mowgli, a village boy who falls into the hands of a wolf pack that raise him as their own in the Indian jungle. While writing the Jungle Book, there were many distractions that ran through Rudyard Kipling?s head, including the peak of British Imperialism. These distractions transformed into his influences, and this supposedly ?children?s book? turned into a portrayal of British Imperialism and Kipling?s opinions concerning imperialism. With this in mind, Kipling?s main goal was still to write the book for children, yet he tied in more mature subliminal messages regarding British imperialism versus the need to rule with fear should the citizens of India not comply. Even though the Jungle Book is a compilation of children stories, each individual story represents some aspect of imperial India with common themes of pain, separation, and fear. Kipling was born in Bombay, India in 1865. In 1871, he and his sisters were sent to live under foster care in England in which Kipling was the ?subject of frequent physical and emotional abuse, an experiment that left him deeply scarred.?1 The pain from the physical abuse that Kipling endured and the separation from his parents were some of the distractions that influenced the way Kipling wrote the
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