The Jungle By Upton Sinclair Essay

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Primary Source: “The Jungle” By Upton Sinclair The Jungle by Upton Sinclair was written to expose the brutality faced by the workers in the meatpacking industry. Sinclair wanted to show people what was really going on in the factory because few people were informed about these companies work conditions. He wanted to show the public that meat was “ diseased, rotten, and contaminated” (Willie).” This revelation shocked the, public which later led to the creation of the federal laws on food and safety. Sinclair strongly shows the failure of capitalism in the meatpacking industry which he viewed as inhumane, destructive, unjust, brutal, and violent (Willie).” Sinclair was an American writer born in Baltimore. He was struggling to live a…show more content…
Before Henry Ford adapted the automobile production, they had developed an assembly line. It worked more like a disassembly line because there were 80 separate jobs in one line in the whole process of getting the meat ready. The immigrants did the most dangerous jobs, they worked in cold weather in the winter and the hot dark room in the summer (Willie).” People have no idea what occurs in the canning room at Durham’s. The chemists advertise mushroom catsup. In reality, the men who made these don’t even know what they look like. They would put animal 's body parts that humans wouldn 't eat into the cans. “ "De-vyled" ham was made out of the waste ends of smoked beef that was too small to be sliced by the machines; also tripe, dyed with chemicals so, that it would not show white . Finally the hard cartilaginous gullets of beef, after the tongues, had been cut out” (Sinclair).” mixing all these animal parts they created a new mixture which tasted like something, then sold it which would earn them a great amount of wealth.They gave cows tuberculous to make them gain weight quickly. They were putting the horses in the canned food, later banned the practice because the newspaper exposed them. Now it is against the law (Sinclair).” There were many interesting facts about peoples ' work conditions. Many of the things they made were from dead bodies of animals.
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