The Jungle Corruption

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The Jungle by Upton Sinclair details the life of a Lithuanian immigrant named Jurgis, in the late 1800’s. In the novel, Jurgis and his family immigrate to America in order to find prosperity and follow the “American Dream”. However, upon reaching reaching America, they face many trials and tribulations. Foremost, no one in the family is able to speak English, as well as being poor immigrants that are easily taken advantage of by society. Initially, Jurgis tries to keep his head up and tries through his own work to succeed, but as the events of the novel unfold, we see him tore down and corrupted. The moral corruption of Jurgis can be seen as a reflection of the environment in which he lived. In the end, Jurgis believed that the capitalistic society that he lived in was against the common man. The Jungle illustrates how greed and unchecked capitalism can have devastating effects on people. Capitalism fosters greed that when left unchecked can push people to their moral and physical limits in order to make a profit from others. This led to many people entering a cycle where they could not leave the factories and cities because they had no way to support themselves besides working in terrible conditions. This is illustrated in real life instances and in The Jungle. “Many Americans feared that the great industrialists were reducing ‘freemen’ to ‘wage slaves’”(Rise of Unions). This quote exemplifies that even though the workers of the factories were not slaves they were
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