The Jungle, The Sani Lodge And The Isla Sani Community

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Rumble in the Jungle, the Sani Lodge and the Isla Sani Community. The Isla Sani community sits a few hours downriver from Coca, Ecuador. Its four hundred members have repeatedly rejected oil companies’ requests for permission to explore their land for oil. Instead of leasing this land, they created the Sani Lodge, a first class jungle eco-lodge run by its members and benefiting the community at large. The lodge is a success, showing those who look beyond the Galápagos and venture into the jungle the immense biodiversity and rarely seen animals that the Amazon contains. Machinery, supply boats and fresh construction sites of the oil companies clutter the landscape of the Napo River snaking through the jungle. The indigenous people on its banks struggle to feed, educate and sustain themselves. The only way they meet these needs is through a core foundation of community that stretches up and down the Rio Napo. Ecuador loses almost 200,000 hectares of forest each year and has the distinction of having the second highest rate of deforestation in South America. Historically, this can be traced alongside the scale of the oil boom during the past decades and has roots as far back as the rubber boom in 1894. At the end of 2014, 558,000 barrels of oil a day flowed up from underneath the dense forest of the Oriente. Ecologically speaking this extraction constricts the natural migration of wildlife, many of which are on the IUCN red list for endangered species; by clearing forest to

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