The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

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The nineteen twenties in American history was as important maybe if not the most important era of American past time. Reasons for this are because at the turn of the century and into the twenties there were many things being discovered, new inventions, and new laws to being constructed for a developing nation. Along with this many Americans were moving to more urban areas in search of not only jobs but a better way of life due to the industrial factories. The invention of not only the automobile but the first moving assembly line created a huge market for the developing American economy. This created more jobs and it was evident with the age of imperialism that the United States was on the way to being a world power. However during the early 1900’s the part of history that seems to be overlooked is that of the food and meat packing industry. In an eye opening novel entitled The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, the author tells a story in which exposes the gut wrenching and shocking facts of what actually goes on in these food processing and meat packing factories in an urban Chicago during the early 1900s. Sinclair does a wonderful job at exposing what actually happened behind these factory doors and informs the reader of the unsanitary process in which animals were transformed into meat products. However when reading this novel one must take into consideration that Sinclair’s main concern was not only the disgusting products produced but the employees that produced them as
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