The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

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This book is called The Jungle. The Author or this book goes by the name of Upton Sinclair. The Jungle was published on February 26, 1906. Upton Sinclair is an American author with almost 100 books which are based on many different genres. Sinclair is a journalist, novelist, as well as a political activist. Sinclair is most famous for this book. The Jungle is a novel that is based on the disgusting conditions of the US meatpacking industry, and the hardships of the labor that immigrant men and women have to go through to scrap by with bare minimum pay from their employers. The Jungle is set in the early 1900’s in the industrialized city of Packingtown, Chicago. This book first starts with some background information about Jurgis and his extended family of twelve, and how they got to America. Ironically they are coming to America to get out of their home country of Lithuania and live the “American Dream”. This takes a turn for the worst. Jurgis is a determined, hardworking man who does not want to do anything else other than support his family the best that he possibly can. This book starts out with a traditional Lithuanian wedding. Jurgis is getting married to a woman named Ona, who is portrayed throughout the whole book as being a big push-over, and the type of woman that is very easy to take advantage of. Even though Jurgis and his wife Ona are on a low budget pay, they had a great financed wedding to say the least. Jurgis promises to pay everything back over the
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