The Just War Theory Of The United States

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The Just War Theory in the United States
Much like the rest of the world, wars in the United States began before it was even considered a country. The revolutionary war was a brave and noble war fought by America’s earliest ancestors in the 1770s in the hopes of creating a better country for their prosperity. However, because it was not declared by an esteemed government, some would argue that it was not actually considered “just”. With the American Civil War, there were so many factors involved that the argument could be made both ways (2). Today, it has been decreed that the Civil War was fought entirely as an opposition to slavery in the South; however, at the time of the war, many more questions could be made as to the official reason. Because those battles were fought so long ago, theorists may only use the little information left behind to determine the justification of warfare.

Wars of the 20th Century
In the beginning of World War I, the United States chose to remain neutral, not wishing to get involved in the conflicts of Europe as this country had fought so hard to extricate itself for Europe’s power. In addition, the US was a country of immigrants, with its citizens originating in countries all over the globe. Therefore, it was nearly impossible for this country as a whole to pick a side in Europe’s war. However, once Britain caused a blockade with Germany, the US was no longer able to continue trade with Germans, while their trading with Great Britain nearly
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