The Justice Argument Regarding Extending The Human Lifespan

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The justice argument regarding extending the human lifespan looks at the dilemma morally; the moral dilemma being: is it fair for one person to extend their life over another. There is a distinct struggle between the first world and the third world when it comes to issues such as economics, politics, and available aid. This practice of extending human life presents a conflict. Should those who have the money, power, and overall opportunity extend their life, whereas those without the resources not. Can you justify extending the life of those already with more advantages? When looked at, the people with the most need of life extension due to illness cannot do so. Places stricken with poverty, such as areas in Sub-Saharan Africa, are also…show more content…
Within the argument there is discussion of the ideas of liberal and communitarian anthropology. How each view relates to human life and one’s relationships within it is briefly touched upon. Liberal anthropology depicts humans as individuals focused upon their own self-interest and autonomy. People use others, including their friends, as instruments to fulfill their personal desires. “Arguments in favor of life extension are often based on the presuppositions of liberalism” (1). On the other side of the spectrum lies communitarian anthropology which relates humans and their desires to community and their social relations to others; rather than focusing on one’s self and what they can gain by using others, individuals focus on their mutual social relationships with other humans to fulfil a greater emotional desire. Both views are “combined in respect to biological aging.” When looking at the extension of life medically it is seen as a matter of autonomy and one’s choice (liberal); however, there is also the stress of the importance of “social network as an ethical condition of human life” (communitarian). “Being with others as such is considered intrinsically valuable...this excludes the option that an extension of biological age is intrinsically valuable. It is valuable only if it also extends our life as communal beings.” (1). “This idea brings about another; that being: “Quality of time outweighs
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