The Justice Strategy Of The United States

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The criminal prosecutions section of my transitional justice strategy will be spilled into two parts. The first stage I will focus on the past actions of American slavery and the second will focus on the current day abuses against the African American population within the United States.

In her article, Juan E. Méndez discusses that the state is obliged to a number of tasks in response to crimes against humanity. two of those include offering the victims adequate reparations, and to separating known perpetrators from law enforcement bodies and other positions of authority (Mendez, 261). This is what I would like to form my criminal prosecution around.

The first stage will deal with the issue of American slavery and make reparations. Slavery occurred over 150 years ago and therefore we can not listen to the accounts of the victims or try the perpetrators. Yet my plan will look to use a restorative justice approach to try and make amends for the past abuse of human rights.The idea is not to point out that slavery was wrong for we already know that and have admitted to our crime. Instead, my strategy is to focus on how to make amends in the current day for our past actions and center on the truth. As Dr. Whigham has discussed in the readings, the area of criminal prosecutions allows for the population to have its faith restored in the justice system and allows for the chance to repair the harm done through a cooperative process. Criminal prosecutions here are not enough and
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