The Justice System Against Ficer

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Now everyone is scream foul at the officer for taking action to detain the young girl. Clearly forgetting the three times the officer faced threats from her little “tough” friends, they instead focus on the officer’s reaction in trying to arrest the girl who is resisting. What is the officer suppose to do at that point, calmly talk to her as she is resisting arrest while she is cursing at him. No, he is an officer; you do what he says and respect it. If the officer does something out of line then one can take action by the justice system against the officer. But if you are ignoring the officer order, they have every right by law to control the situation to restore peace by any means necessary. It 's standard protocol.

Casebolt was then suspended when the video became viral on YouTube. The officer gave the girl multiple chances to leave the area and she didn’t respect the officer’s wishes. When an officer tells one to leave, you leave the area. One shouldn’t start acting all tough and mighty especially a teenage girl nonetheless. Where is the respect here? Didn’t her parents teach her growing up to obey officers for they are the ones that go out daily to protect us? Doubt it, they probably taught her cops are evil and not to respect them. I wonder if they got their parental skills from Rev. Sharpton playbook of anti-cop hate where cops are racist and are out there killing black people. I wouldn’t be surprised if she learned from this playbook growing up.

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