The Justice System From The Viewpoint Of The Law Enforcer

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I have always viewed the justice system from the viewpoint of the law enforcer. Having a father being a deputy and an uncle in the police force, I have always had a sense of fear of this authority figure. Those in charge are there to protect us and we are to abide by the rules in which they enforce. If we break these rules, there is going to be a series of consequences. Recently, with the Black Lives Matter movement and a series of publicized police brutalities, I have had my previous ideas of the authority figure challenged. With social media, it is hard to get away from the bombarding of posts and articles and opinions and images and videos and theories that clog up our newsfeeds. It makes it hard to have your own opinion, and to challenge others. When the shooting in Ferguson occurred, I felt completely shocked that something like this could and did happen. How could an unarmed teenager be killed by a police officer? If he was just walking down the street, not challenging authority or the laws placed by society, how could this happen? As I scrolled through my social media homepages, “friends” posted articles slamming this officer and those who tried to offer another point of view where cussed out by some many others in the comment section. Every article I read, we were only giving the end result, we were never told what really happened. If someone commented in support of the police officer, they were cyberbullied. I had begun on the side opposed to this police, but I…
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