The Justice System Of African Americans

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Within the US justice system, there is a substantial disparity between the aggregate number of African American men living within the society, and living inside prison walls. African Americans men are frequently confronted with difficult environmental, financial and sociological disparities growing up, and also have the absence of opportunity weighing them down as well. Many of these factors have lead to outrageous numbers of African American males being incarcerated. Furthermore, the prejudicial behaviors by the judicial community can also be included as a factor in these incarceration statistics. Digging deeper, it is clear that crime and punishment are multidimensional issues that stem from racial prejudice that originate from racial partiality legitimized by age-old observations and convictions about African Americans. The United States has an affective double justice system that has kept up the monetary and social chain of command in America, in light of the oppression of blacks, inside the United States. Public policy, criminal justice, society and the media, and criminal conduct have every single assumed part in making and keeping this stigma alive. According to National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, African Americans contain about 1 million of the 2.3 million imprisoned populace. (NAACP, Criminal Justice Fact Sheet) Furthermore, the history of prejudice, which is additionally connected to the historical backdrop of view of race and crime, has
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