The Justice System Of Licking County Essay

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Actions speak louder than words and when I hear the word justice I think “you do the crime, you do the time.” I personally have filed five, if not more, reports in the last thirteen months with the” Licking County Justice System.” Crimes including; criminal damaging (on more than one occasion), burglary, domestic violence, and several violations of a protection order. One would think that justice should have been served by now. However, the process continues, leaving me to feel nothing more than the justice system in Licking County is inefficient due to, new employees, lack of urgency, and poor communication skills. Beginning September 2015, my seventeen-year-old daughter arrived at my job to get lunch money. I could tell she had been crying so I went outside to talk to her. As I leaned against my car, that I allowed her to drive, I noticed a huge dent in the passenger’s side door. Reluctant to tell me, I already knew, her and the boyfriend had been fighting. I drove to the police station to make my first official report thirty that evening. Pictures were taken and the initial incident summary states “victims vehicle was kicked by an unknown suspect. The vehicle’s front door was caved in and had an obvious shoe print. Victim believes suspect 1 is the cause of the damage, but can not prove at this time.” Therefore, no charges were filed. We all have watched CSI at one time in or another, shouldn’t they be able to detain the suspect, match his shoe print to the
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