The Justice System Processed Youth Minorities

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Over the course of the semester, when thinking about a topic for this term paper, I knew I wanted to study and evaluate the reasons why minorities are overrepresented and the way the justice system processed youth minorities in comparison to their white peers. Without any previous experiences with the juvenile justice system, it has been very easy to see that minorities are not treated the same way and that there is indeed, an over-representation of minorities in the system. I realized it when I spent a morning in the Juvenile Justice court as well as when I visited detention centers in both West Philadelphia and in El Paso, Texas. Most of the kids I saw in these facilities, if not all, were either Black or Latino. In a country that pledges allegiance to the flag, with supposedly justice for all, where police forces and judges claims to treat everybody fairly with respect, how can we get to a point where minorities are clearly over-represented in comparison to the overall population of the country? This paper aims at understanding why are we in this current situation, what do we know about it and finally how can we remediate and reduce this issue that has been underlined for years by the public in both the political and judicial sphere. 2) Problem Description: For decades, racial inequalities among Black and Latinos are documented and it is easy to identify the trends in both arrests and incarcerations. America’s complicated history with black communities, and the historic
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