The Justification For The Doctrine Of Manifest Destiny

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1) Explain the justification for the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, including material and idealistic motivation Manifest Destiny dealt with continental expansion with in America during the 1840s. It is said and "believed that God intended for the American people to extend their country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean." The Manifest Destiny was with the Mexican War. There was a belief that Americans would promote freedom as well as democracy and taking control over the continent westwards. Americans main purpose was to spread civilization as well as knowledge. Many Indians were moved from their lands and a lot of deaths and killing took place in this process. Moving the Indians " lead to the "Trail of Tears." The Trail of Tears was a "series of forced removals of Native American nations from their ancestral homelands in the Southeastern United States to an area west of the Mississippi River that had been designated as Indian territory." In 1851 the discovery of gold also became very huge that also caused the west migration. 2) Why did Americans criticize the Mexican American War? How did they see expansion as a threat to American liberties? As stated in the textbook on page 374 is states that the Mexican War " was the first in which American army invaded another country and occupied its capital." Most of Americans supported this war. However, Americans criticize the Mexican war because they felt like American took advantage. They used "violence" and knew that the chances of Mexico winning the war was slim to none. One issues and major concern that was brought to Americans attention was the " power to make war at pleasure." This meaning that it seemed as if they enjoyed war. After winning the United States gained a huge part of on land in "the modern – day Southwest." With this expansion Americans saw a threat of American liberties. There were many reason for them feeling that way. For example, it was argued if slavery would "expand into the newly acquire land from Mexico." This also caused the Compromise of 1850. The Compromise of 1850 made California go into the "Union" as a free state making slavery and the slave trade disbanded
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