The Justification Of Punishment Today 's Society

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The justification of punishment in today’s society as stated by Bartollas & Seigel indicates that since “it is applied by the duly authorized government body on somebody who has violated the laws of society” (2013) the issuance is therefore just. The concept of punishing law violators in return will benefit the law abiding populace is derived from Bartollas & Siegel’s statement that “Punishing law violators provides beneficial consequences” (2013). Likewise, the assertion that the application and threat of punishment serve as a cost effective “means to an end” by deterring criminal behavior and thus protecting society can be gathered from this concept. Additionally, the concept that the punishment, for criminal activity is deserved, or that “criminal sanctions are justified because those who voluntarily break the law forfeit some of the rights claimed by citizens” (Bartollas, 2013), leads to the further justification of the implementation of punishment. Implying that the convicts are blameworthy or receive their just deserts for their actions adds to the justification in the purpose of punishment. Identified as an expression if public outrage, Punishment by the state serves as a means of retribution on behalf of the government whereby the need for personal vengeance is eliminated as the state assumes the responsibility for evoking retribution on behalf of society (Bartollas, 2013). Likewise, Bartollas suggests that punishment teaches a lesson as the state punishes those

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