The Justifications of Merciless Killing by the U.S

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A country that always makes itself seem as the peacekeeper, builds an enormous weapon to destroy and harm a country, and justifies it by making it seem as if the other country, Japan, was the one who brought it upon themselves. Is it possible that a country, like the United States, could be as ruthless as Hitler himself? The press release given to the public by President Truman attempts to justify the need for the use of a potent weapon, while diverting the attention from the harmful effects: however, other documents such as, Truman’s Diary, a survivor’s story and recent newspapers recognize the harmful effects and the amount of destruction that would be a result of the weapon being used. They ignored the most important aspect of the…show more content…
We are in possession of the most destructive explosive ever devised by man. A single one of our newly developed atomic bombs is actually the equivalent in explosive power to what 2000 of our giant B-29s can carry on a single mission. This awful fact is one for you to ponder and we solemnly assure you it is grimly accurate.”(Translation of leaflet dropped on the Japanese) This leaflet was dropped on Japan after Hiroshima was attack and was warning other cities of the other bomb. The American government makes themselves seem as if they were put into a war they did not want but that since the Japanese started the war they must finish it. The president during his speech on August 6th, 1945 said, “It was to spare the Japanese people from utter destruction that the ultimatum of July 26 was issued at the Potsdam. There leaders promptly rejected that ultimatum. If they do not now accept our terms they many accept the rain of ruins from the air the like of which has never been seen on this earth.” (Press Release By The White House.)Saying that they gave the Japanese people the chance to surrender but they did not accept is a way in which they justify killing and destroying a city. Even though Truman compares what the bomb does to Hitler’s destruction, he justifies there reason to use it by saying that they give them a warning, which was something that Hitler would
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