The Juvenile Court : An Adult Offender

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The Juvenile Court was established in 1899, under the Juvenile Court Act. The Act was established under three principles; children at a certain age are too young to be held accountable for their actions, they are not mentally competent, and they are more likely to be rehabilitated than an adult offender. However, in the past years juvenile are committing more violent crimes that suggest they should be tried in criminal courts rather than juvenile courts. It is my belief that if a child under the age of 18 commits a violent crime they should be charged as an adult offender. Certain criteria should be established when charging a juvenile as an adult; at what age should a child know right from wrong, the type of crime a child has committed, and if the child is a repeat offender. These three things should be questioned when charging a child as an adult. Researchers have discussed that at the age between 12 and 15 is when a child starts to develop the understanding of their actions. Psychologically, their brain starts to advance into creating their own thought process. Dr. William Womack a Psychiatrist states that young children have not yet developed the mind set to value another human’s life. A minor who commits a crime at a young age should pay for the consequences as an adult would. Their thought process doesn’t start after they commit the crime, it starts before they commit the crime. I believe that when a minor commits a violent crime they know what they are doing.…
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