The KCOM Group VRIO Analysis

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The KCOM Group VRIO Analysis The core competency of our laggard, KCOM, is their strong focus on customers; KCOM’s entire organization is structured around the market they serve in order to deliver a high-quality customer experience. The Group focuses not solely on providing low cost for their customer’s like TalkTalk Telecom, but on listening closely to their customer’s needs, in turn creating long term customer relationships. Using Barney’s VRIO analytic framework to assess this competency yields the following: VALUE? Yes, KCOM’s focus on the customer provides an obvious customer value and competitive advantage amongst its’ competitors. RARENESS? Of course KCOM Group isn’t the only wireless communication company that focuses on their customers, but their focus on the customer operates at every level throughout the Group. IMITABILITY? It isn’t costly to focus on customers, but a good strategy must be in place in order for it to be done correctly. ORGANIZATION? Yes, KCOM as structured their organization around the distinct markets they serve to deliver a high quality customer experience. The KCOM Group’s distinctive competency is their strategic relationship with BT Wholesale and Phoenix IT. The strategic relationship with BT gives them both an extended market and network reach through its access to BT’s national network. The relationship with Phoenix gives them access to industry leading field service engineering and maintenance services. After looking at the extended

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