The Kafka 's The Metamorphosis

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In this day and age family does not seem much important to people due to their busy life styles and exorbitant amount of work. It is not shocking that one’s state of mind alongside their feelings change while satisfying the everyday obligations which has pushed them far from investing quality energy with their friends and family. In Kafka 's The Metamorphosis it is seen that Gregor 's transformation in to a bug renders him helpless to communicate and part take his job as the earner of the family. Gregor’s family is not seen to have empathized with him after his sudden life changing transformation. Despite some good family members who support the individual when one 's family turns against them it leaves the individual feeling dead on the inside and out. Even after feeling isolated and depressed it is seen that the term “family” means a lot to Gregor. His mother’s frightful reaction after looking at Gregor’s change when she screamed “Help oh please God, help me!” (219) towards him did not change Gregor’s demeanor towards wanting to help out his family. Gregor was starting to feel depressed due to the fact that his family didn’t perceive him as human anymore rather than a bug. Once Gregor turned into a cockroach his family separated themselves from him. They kept him secured up his room, not able to settle to the way that their son was practically a bug. They imagined as though he was not there and even leased a room in their home and did not notify them about Gregor 's
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