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Nursing: Health Exchange Paper Upon exploration of the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) website, different levels of health insurance were researched, explored, and evaluated. In the Health Insurance Marketplace, insurance plans are separated into a total of four metal categories. They include bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. In this paper I will examine each level of insurance offered and adequately summarize the respective insurance level. Assessing the benefits and drawbacks of all available insurance options as well a discussion and assessment of both the ease of the site and the level of information disseminated.
Summary and Critique of the Levels of Insurance The Marketplace insurance plans levels of coverage seem to be measured
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What’s also important to know is that a qualified enrollee could have additional savings (enrollee must have an income between 100-250% of poverty) on coinsurance (cost-sharing), copayment, and deductible. In which case the enrollee should choose a silver insurance plan in order to receive any extra savings (Rae et al., 2015; “The Metal Categories,” 2016). An enrollee who selects the silver level of insurance tends to save several hundred or a few thousand dollars annually depending on the frequency at which an enrollee receives medical care. Enrollees with lower incomes tend to receive subsidies that will make their maximum out-of-pocket costs equivalent to the low cost paid by gold and platinum plan members (Rae et al., 2016). A silver plan is, therefore, the best health insurance option for enrollees who meet the qualifications for extra savings or demonstrate a willingness and ability to pay a marginally higher monthly premium than bronze plan members as silver plan members have more coverage for routine medical care (“The Metal Categories,” 2016). The gold level plan has a relatively high monthly premium; however, the costs of medical care, as well as deductibles are generally low (“The Metal Categories,” 2016). The gold level of insurance should be selected if an enrollee will willingly pay a higher monthly premium. This higher monthly premium means more health care cost coverage when it comes
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