The Kangaroo

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Main focus:
- Narrator
- A characterization
- The overall theme
- The ending
In this essay I am going to analyze the short story “The Kangaroo”. The main themes in this essay is growing up, and becoming a man. It is a short story written by John Michael.
This short story written by John Michael is told from a 3rd person subjective perspective, and is limited to the boy, who is the main character. This is caused by the way we see everything from the outside (camera view), but we still know what is going on outside of the boy’s head. The way you can see that it is a 3rd person narrator and not an omniscient narrator is because we only follow one characters development through the story. You can see that in this quote:
- Blood
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The fact that we all need to go through different points in our life, and we might do things that we don’t want to. But after all we all grow
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