The Kansas- Nebraska Act Essay

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In 1954, the Kansas- Nebraska Act was passed. Northern Democrat Steven Douglass in an attempt to build a transcontinental railroad petitioned the Kansas-Nebraska act on the bases that the Compromise of 1850 validated popular sovereignty. In Douglass’s opinion the Compromise of 1850 made the Missouri Compromise of 1820 void. There was opposition from Northern politicians who believed that the Missouri Compromise of 1820 was a sacred pact made by previous lawmakers during the union’s long history of compromises. For Southern politicians the Kansas- Nebraska Act would help the extension of slavery which most of the Northerners were against. Ignoring the wishes of the Northerners and pushing the Democratic agenda which wanted not only the…show more content…
The Republican Party spectrum consisted of Radical Left Republican, Moderates, and Radical Right/ Conservative Republicans. Although the different groups of Republicans had different agendas, the groups agreed that their Party was against the expansion of the Slavery and logically they would be direct opponents to Democratic control of the American political system. The Free soil portion of the slogan referred to the Free-soilers who believed that the Western territories should be free of slavery and slave labor because it degraded the white frontiersmen’s work. Many white frontiersmen could not afford slave labor and would have to attend to their own farms and land. Seeing slaves or African Americans do the same work as white yeoman would degrade the importance of yeomen’s work. Conservative Republicans were believers of this agenda. They did not want the Republican Party to be associated with what they consider the radical abolitionist movement. Even though Republicans wanted to end slavery expansion, it was not because of a moral obligation to African Americans. Conservative Republicans wanted to stop the spread of the Democrats power which was rooted in slavery. Free labor was in reference to an ideal that had been a part of Northern concerns before the Republican Party was created. The Northern states had turn to industrialization long before the Southern states and no longer had a use for slave
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