The Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio Information

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When reflecting back over this activity, I have learned an enormous amount of information on what is going to be expected of me at the very end of the T2T program. I am not going to lie when reading about the Kansas Performance Teaching Portfolio information and how everything was broke down. I became overwhelmed, stressed, and worried that my lessons and activities may not meet their expectations. I know they are good; I just worry about other people’s opinions when it comes to reflecting on important factors in my life. Though as an educator I need to look at the feedback and really consider what they are saying to help better myself as an educator. With the KPTP form it will allow me to see each assignment broken down into the different sections of that specific assignment or even unit. I feel this will help me better see what sections are really successful and which ones need revamped. The KPTP will allow us to better ourselves to become the best possible teacher because not teacher wants to fail at their job. Though when analyzing the KPTP assignment I realized you are trying to prepare us for what is to come. So we wont have that same expression deer’s get while finding themselves in a pair of headlights. I thank you for helping prepare me for what is to come. Can I same I am confident, no. I am sacred out of my mind what others will think of my strategies because they may be different from what they are expecting. Though when reflecting over this
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