The Kastelle: A Narrative Fiction

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The Kastelle was a pretty cool building. It was surrounded by lush green trees, a fast flowing river, many fast food chain restaurants, and a bright sun shining down on the roof. It was the 40th of June when Mario found out that his princess Peach was captured by his worst enemy FABRIZIO ESPOSITIO.
By the way Mario was a plumber so he never really had much of anything except a bunch of basketballs and a princess. Which he didn’t even own the basketballs, at least not yet. Things were good in the Kastelle, until Mario realized that his most beloved princess had been stolen by FABRIZIO. FABRIZIO had stolen the princess many times before, so Mario knew what to do or at least he thought he did. FABRIZIO was hiding somewhere in the forests of Alaska
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MaRiO and Hugh walked for miles until they finally reached the edge of Alaska. It was a vast icy terrain. Trees were lining the border 20 feet tall. They had just started walking when Alaska border patrol drove up to them and asked:

“What business do you have here in Alaska?”

“We just were looking for some good chinese food,” pleaded Hugh

“This is private property and I know that's not all you’re looking for so unless you tell me the truth then i’m taking you to our holding cells where you’ll meet our leader of this country.”

MaRiO had nothing to say so the border patrol man took him and Hugh to the holding cells deep underground about 70 miles from the border. They began to worry when they would see daylight again. Hours turned into days and when they thought the cell door wouldn’t open again it did. It was June 50th and they had been in the cell for longer than they could count. When the door finally opened someone familiar walked in to talk.

“FABRIZIO!”, MaRiO was flabbergasted by his appearance

“It’s been a while MaRiO, who’s your new friend?”

“Don’t bring him into
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