The Kentucky Coalition Of Nurse Practitioners

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The Kentucky Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Midwives (KCNPNM) have concerns with three major medical and political issues. One of those issues is a concern about health care to the poor and uninsured. According to the KCNPNM (2014), Kentucky alone has 20% of the population at or below 100% poverty and 41% under 200% poverty in 2007. Their focus on this is driven by the fact that those uninsured suffer negatively, including premature death and illness, due to lack of medical care (KCNPNM, 2014). As a group, they make an effort to provide the underserved community with information regarding available healthcare programs (KCNPNM, 2014). They also work to encourage legislation to aid those without health insurance by reaching out and informing local and regional lawmakers of our due diligence to promote health in all populations (KCNPNM, 2014).
I agree with their view on this issue. I too feel a responsibility for trying to achieve health for all patients regardless of financial status. Unfortunately, these low-income patients often have a series of issues including poverty, minority status, mental health concerns, and physical illness or disability (Fiscella, 2002, p.365). As care providers in Kentucky or any area, we must be aware of this vulnerable population. Another thing we can do as care providers for this population is plan the visit to ensure the patient achieves the most benefit from the appointment. Fiscella (2002) suggests, establishing rapport, which
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