The Kenya Shifta War and Realism

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The Kenyan Shifta War (1963 – 1968) and its Realism base and Power Pursuit. In this essay I am going to discuss the Kenyan war that has emerged in 1963 due to long-lasting grievances about bad treatment from British colonial isolation and ethnic Somali in Kenya irredentism drive to unite all other five Somali lands with Kenya into a greater Somalia. The issue of British colony had otherwise been much less to do with this war, the main reason to war was that of irredentism by Somalis. This conflict went on as Somalis resisted from being governed by a dark skinned government of the Prime Minister Jomo Kenyatta while at the same time seek unity. Somali seek independence at the expense of Kenya. Somalia wanted to be in power to rule a unified…show more content…
Going to war was the better option they thought of, this is because they are Muslims by religion and they thought going to war with Kenya was just. Now that’s the realists’ way of dealing with uncertainty. In my opinion, Realism was the ruling political system that existed in this conflict. Great Britain as the father of Kenya due to colonization had to intervene to try and bring about an end to this war between Kenya and Somalia. The question is, how was it going to do that? The answer to that question is otherwise simple. It starts with the reason why would Great Britain colonise Kenya, and that is because Kenya has an abundance of raw materials that Britain was exploiting. Somalia with their non-profit making legacy of irredentism was to be a bad effects to how Britain rules Kenya. Britain had to protect its source of profit by helping Kenya defeat Somalia. Britain then supplied Kenya with arms to fight back Somalia so that the war will come to an early end so that Britain will continue with the exploitation of raw materials from Kenya. So literally speaking, Somalia was just an itch that Britain had to scratch off. Britain even took some of Kenyans and trained them for war so that they will fight Somalis effectively and strategically to lead to an early end of war. This act by Britain is influenced by the system of realism as it wasn’t interested in

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