The Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Company

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The Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Company focuses on the consumer and improving their coffee experience. Keurig has a variety of products including brewing systems and the beverages that are brewed in these systems. In my argument, I will be focusing mainly on the brewing systems alone. Keurig Company has recently began expanding their business in international markets. I will be evaluating Brazil as a possible country for growth. I will then discuss the potential success and failures of the Keurig product entering the Brazilian market. This will be followed by an argument on whether Keurig should or should not pursue expanding into Brazil.
Keurig is a subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Company. The Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Company provides organic, fair trade, gourmet coffee. When adding Keurig to the Green Mountain Coffee Company it became an industry leader in specialty coffee, coffee makers, teas, and multiple other beverage types. Supporting this, in 2014, Keurig sold $4.7 billion worth of product, totaling $596 million in net income. As a company, they emphasize the importance of social responsibility. They claim that with the use of K-Cups, 85% of the waste from coffee is diverted from landfills. The company and its employees have volunteered 57 thousand total hours in community service. (Keurig Green Mountain, 2015) Between products and employees, Keurig is successfully reflecting their socially responsible image. The Keurig products that I will
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