The Keurig Machine

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The Keurig Machine We are surrounded by many choices when we start our day, such as what we are going to wear, what we are going to eat, and where we are going to get our source of caffeine from to use to start the day. There are so many choices on where to get that caffeine from, outside coffee shops, an old coffee maker, french press, and lastly the newest invention, the Keurig machine. The Keurig machine itself was invented in 1990, with its first machine manufactured in the 2000’s. (Keurig website) It’s very challenging in a modern world like todays, not to be drawn to this neat, and useful device. Looking at it, it can brew a cup of coffee with just the touch of a button in seconds. There isn’t a massive glass jar like an old-fashioned coffee maker would have, instead just enough room for any mug of choice. There is always a question of, what is a Keurig machine? Well, according to the Keurig website, it is a beverage, brewing system used for both commercials, and home use. Instead of usual coffee machines requiring a switch to flip to brew, and a coffee filter, and filling the glass with water, the Keurig allows a small portion called a “K-Cup” which is used to brew the coffee. The middle-aged and adult populations are highly targeted with this new invention. The ad imposes that our lives can be easier with the touch of a button, and boom our source of coffee is delivered within seconds. The advertisement has adequately shown the easy steps one can take to brew a
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