The Key Action Plan Of Communication

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Cultural Barriers to Communication What plan do you suggest for handling communication problems involved in the given scenario? Why? The key action plan of communication need to be developed, as on the basis of situation in the given scenario, proper communication plan need to be developed. This will resolve the future error, as faced by Chinese nurse, Meelynn. This will include-  All the responsible person will know their stakeholders, aims of your intervention and for maintaining the required positive changes.  I must develop a communication plan that includes the Goals to achieve, information received, what perfect information is required to communicate, When and how often the RN must communicate, and very important the method…show more content…
will lead to the error and ultimately lead to increase the patient risk by many folds, which can lead to high mortality and length of stay. Besides, poor communication errors in ICUs, medication errors due to communication problem results in serious health care infections. Medication errors results from poor communication are mostly from nurses, during the medication administration, report analysis, prescribers report communication, explaining the correct patient’s symptoms, etc. What are the two major problems associated with written communication and two with verbal communication in an organization? All communication system and methods have advantage and disadvantage. The written communication has two major disadvantages, as mentioned below-  Written communication is very difficult and Useless for the illiterate person. For illiterate receiver, written communication is quite impossible, and is considered as the major disadvantage.  The second most disadvantage of written communication is the lack of flexibility. It cannot be changed, as mentioned in written proof and documents cannot be changed at any time. So, this is considered as the most important limitations of written communication. The verbal communication has two major disadvantages, as mentioned below-  The very first is the assumptions, most of the time it was reported that the
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