The Key Aspects Of Mechanics Essay

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These tricks that the top level athletes perform all relate to the laws of physics, every trick has components of mechanics whether it be performed in a half-pipe or just straight off the ground. The key aspects of mechanics that are essential for these tricks performed in a half-pipe include Torque, Momentum, Centripetal force, Velocity, Acceleration; they also need to follow the laws of projectile motion, conservation of energy. All of these play a role in helping the top athletes perform tricks and giving them the ability to rotate in the air at will and land safely.

The law of motion is Newton’s first law of physics that relates to inertia. This law state that an object will remain at rest and an object in motion will remain in motion (rotating, moving straight) unless acted upon by external forces. This and the law, conservation of momentum, explain how the rotation occurs in the air. If you 're rotating, you 'll keep rotating unless a twisting force, or torque, acts to stop you. In other words if you 're not rotating, you can 't rotate unless a torque starts you rotating. Both of these apply to when snowboarders and skateboarders are in the air doing tricks. In relation to athletes it means that they will stay rotating and moving in an upward direction if it weren’t for external forces such as gravity which helps decelerate them at 9.8ms-2 until they reach a final velocity of 0ms-1 and other external forces such as air resistance/friction that help slow down the
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