The Key Aspects Of Public Health Strategies

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1.1 Describe the key aspects of public health strategies.
The public health promotes a good strategy for public health in four different aspects. They focus on being population based. They focus on the population with the aims of improving and preventing diseases and promoting good health and since then, have seen changes within the health of the public. People of the public have benefitted from the strategies used to improve the health of the public. For example the percentage for Teenage Pregnancy in the UK had increased rapidly over the years. Public Health directors have been able to focus on this and used strategies to try and help improve this by promoting sex education and teaching in schools about the importance of being protected to help reduce the percentage of teenage pregnancy. This strategy targets a specific population i.e. Teenagers.
Another key aspect of public health strategies are emphasising and collective responsibility for health protection and disease prevention. Strategies that have been established to promote health protection and prevent disease such as immunising children and had encouraged parents that their children should have their vaccination done at a young age as children are vulnerable to diseases and help to protect their children from viruses. For example the MMR vaccine to help prevent diseases such as Measles, Mumps and Rubella; this strategy used is to reinforce the importance of health protection and disease prevention. This is also
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