The Key Characteristics of the Coca-Cola Company

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Contents Abstract 2 Introduction 2 Key Characteristics of Key Players 3 Leadership 3 Diversity 3 Accountability 4 Passion 4 Ownership 4 Motivational theories for the Company 4 References: 5 Abstract The essay describes the key characteristics of Coca Cola Company and how these characteristics are aligned with the organizational behavior. The motivational theories are also discussed in detail which could be useful in managing such a large workforce. Introduction The Coca Cola Company is a multinational company with more than 140,000 employees, the company is in beverage business and its flagship product Coca Cola is considered one of the best soft drink. Coca Cola soft drink is the real revenue generator of the Coca Cola Company. The company was found in 1892 and by 2010 it was reported that the company has the serving of 1.7 billion per day so the company has only grown since its inception. The company is serving its product in more than 200 countries, and the Coca Cola Company owns more than 500 brands, this shows that the graphs of the company is moving upwards and the Coca Cola Company is growing at an immense rate. The Coca Cola Company currently operates a franchise system, and its syrup concentrates is sold all around the world manufactured by the company itself and sold through different bottles. The Coca Cola Company is also currently listed in the New York Stock Exchange; Coca Cola Company has a long history of acquiring different

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