The Key Components Of Social Sociology And Social Psychology

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According to Baron, Branscombe and Byrne (2009), the social side of life is perhaps the most central aspect of our daily lives. Social behaviour has been the target of an immense amount of study. Studies that reveal how individuals behave think and feel in social situations but what brings us together with others. The need to affiliate, social comparison and interpersonal attraction to name a few. According to Baron and Byrne (2002), social psychology is the scientific study of how individuals, behave, think and feel in social situation. The study in social psychology can be used to better understand why the actual or implied presence of others affects individuals. In addition, two main components of the field of social psychology are psychology…show more content…
In social psychology, a social psychologist focuses on the individual interaction within a group or a social setting while a sociologist focuses on society interaction on the individual. However, a group is comprised of individuals and overlaps in the scope and subject matter of sociology and social psychology is inevitable. For example, a sociologist would utilize the social and economic cause of gang life and the impact it has on the advancement of the group when doing a research on the issues of gang and gang behavior. While a social psychologist might be interested in the intellectual and individual attributes of the persons in the gang. One of the most essential key component in both sociology and social psychology study is socialization, which can influence both the conduct and the knowledge of the individuals in the gang. Also, socialization gives individuals tools to fill their developmental roles. They are our building blocks according to Warren Farrell; Socialization provides individuals with abilities and habit necessary for taking an interest within his or her society. The most critical level of socialization is the primary level that helps to develop a child's mechanism and in addition their vocabulary. One can posit that socialization plays a role in intellectual
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