The Key Concepts Of Quality Improvement

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The key concepts of quality improvement are the new designing system and process changes that lead to improve operation and sustainable quality of organization culture. When new design and procedure are introduced, the change management priority is to transit employees to new state. To developing culture of quality, the quality management plan is the key feature of change management that needs to inform structure as a specific wide-rang of leaderships in organization to support transformation change and achieve quality outcome. At this point, Dawsonera (2005) leaderships must have clear vision at the new state of change, a highly visible and the desired of committed a senior manager to transition the key change process such as aim, objective, training, communication, planning to make employees awareness. In 1938 to 1970s, Xerox was the strong company about printer, however, in 1980s the printer business had new competitors, from both the US and Japan. The Xerox 's analysts found management failed in company strategic direction that lead to high cost operation and low quality in comparison with competitors. As Dragolea and Cotirles (2009) suggested there are three main factors that needs to implement. There are supplier management system, inventory management and manufacturing system. In order to change their new design, regards to Xerox leaders use technics and tools of six sigma, benchmarking and market trend to help company make-decision. The methods of changing
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