The Key Dimensions Of The Study

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Overview of the chapter
This chapter embodies background of the study, statement of the problem, objectives of the study, research questions, proposed methodology, significance of the study, delimitation or scope of the study, and gives an overview of the salient issues to be discussed in the subsequent chapters below.

1.2 Background of the study
Performance measurement is a topic which is often discussed but rarely defined. Leong et al (1990) claim that it is widely accepted that the manufacturing task, and hence the key dimensions of manufacturing performance can be defined in terms of quality, delivery speed, delivery reliability, price (cost) and flexibility. Literally, performance is the process of quantifying action, where measurement is the process of quantification and action leads to performance. According to the marketing perspective, organizations achieve their goals by satisfying their customers with greater efficiency and effectiveness than their competitors (kotler, 1984). The terms efficiency and effectiveness are used precisely in this context. Effectiveness refers to the extent to which customer requirements are met, while efficiency is a measure of how economically the firm 's resources are utilized when providing a given level of customer satisfaction. This is an important point because it does not only identify two fundamental dimensions of performance, but also highlights the fact that there can be internal as well as external reasons for pursuing
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