The Key Elements Of A Good Relationship

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One of the key elements to a good relationship is communication. One of the main strengths of my relationship with Adam is how well we communicate. If something is bothering me I will not hesitate to tell Adam what I am feeling. He never gets upset with me. We have never had a fight. In fact, we resolve conflict by communicating calmly and rationally. During our conversations Adam listens intently to me and is very understanding and vice versa. We use a lot of confirming responses when we listen to each other. We directly acknowledge, reinforce, support and clarify a lot of our ideas. If I show distaste for something he does or if he does something wrong, he always tries to correct his actions. We are open with our feelings with each other and according to communication theories, if self-disclosure is reciprocated; the more likely a relationship is to become prosperous. We also both highly respect each other and our opinions. Next, A Strength that we have is that we are both fully accepting of each other. We accept all of our flaws and strengths and we do not try to change one another. Another reason our relationship is positive is that although we are interdependent, we do not let each other define who we are. We still maintain some autonomy as individuals and are capable of doing things on our own. Overall, we are both satisfied with the level of affection and time we spend together.
Although we share a wonderful relationship, there are some negative aspects involved.
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