The Key Elements Of Brand Image

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Brands have become a primary role in modern society, which are included as a main part of a business’s capital (Kapferer, 2004). According to Lin and Hsu (2009) the brand image has been gradually recognized as a major topic for many marketing organizations. An excellent brand image not only helps companies to build market positions, but also makes it stand out from many competitors. Moreover, it is important that a successful brand should establish a good brand’s reputation, thus to win the trust of consumers. The key issues for managing and improving brand image may include following: whether the firms of different type, size or age should concern the same elements of its brand image? What different elements should they pay attention to?…show more content…
It is important that an entrepreneur should design a right brand name which could make customers remember it in a short advertisement and consider its meaning. Apple, a well-known name of a computer company which is a typical example for use name to win in competition. This name is easy for people to activate it in memory, because it makes people think of the nutrient-rich apple and give them a familiar feeling. And then arouse people’s interested to know a lot about its product. Thus, the name gave this firm a warm and comfortable personality. Hence, a right brand name is a critical element to build the brand image.

Although a right name of the brand is the core element of the brand image, a visual element also is the main element of it. Coss (2009) provided four important points to build the visual image including the following: first the company should make sure its logo and symbols of its brand could represent this company. Then, the best of the color program should be combine all of its materials and suitable for its goals. Next, the whole “look” needs to enhance the feeling of the visual that the firm wants through its product and service to express. Finally, the printed materials should reflect the major element of the “look and feel” of its website. The majority of brands could prove a right visual image is the big part of brand image, such as Tiffany & Co that is a well-known luxury and fashion brand in the world.
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