The Key Engine Of Economic And Social Progress Essay

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The Software is used in every detail of social life and is becoming the key engine of economic and social progress which affects social and economic development. Nowadays, our live relies more and more on the correct execution of software, whether a software is on our equipment (cell phones, engine injection, etc.), in the business we undertake each day (credit or debit card purchases, fund transfer, internet usage, electronic mail, etc.), or even those that are hidden from view (back office software for transaction processing), the software simplifies our daily lives, so when it goes askew, it affects our lives.

On January 1st, 2010, millions of Germans cannot use their credit cards properly, where no early warning sign informed them, and they found themselves, the day after New York celebrations, they cannot buy anything from retail shops or withdraw cash from ATMs. There were some people who took the holiday period to go abroad; they surveyed more than others where they did not even have probability to go the bank to withdraw cash (Homès 2013). During its first week of commercial operation on the Paris to New York route, on 20th of November, 2009, the Airbus A380 was forced to return to New York during because the failure of the software which is the autopilot function of the Airbus A380. So the passengers were dispatched to other flights. Such a software problem could have been a lot more serious (Homès 2013). Another example of software failures that have caused
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