The Key Events Of Conducting A Lean Event

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A lean event is an effort to implement the lean principles in a selected process or area. The key events of conducting a Lean event will be:

Event planning: as almost everything in life, detailed planning is necessary to conduct a lean event. The event planning worksheet is the best instrument to help in the planning phase. The basic steps during the event planning are:
• Defining scope: it refers to determining where and on what all efforts will be focused during the lean event. Two recommendations are made in this regard: first, to include what is not included in the scope so the team do not lose track from their focus; and second, to set a realistic scope for the event.
• Setting dates: it refers to the times in which the lean event will be conducted; but also to take in consideration the availability of all participants.
• Establishing event objectives: the recommendation is to set objectives that embody the SMART acronym: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time bound. Setting good, realistic, and clear objectives to lead the team towards desired outcomes.
• Selecting a team leader: choosing a person to lead the team that is engaged with the lean transformation, and that demonstrate commitment, organization, and leadership skills.
• Organizing the team: as a lean transformation requires integration of employees from different levels, all team members must be committed to the success of the event to achieve outstanding results. A good team will…
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