The Key Events of American History and Their Impact on Society

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1800 to 1861) marked an era of tremendous changes. What was happening is the country was rapidly expanding westward and industrializing. This created problems about how to solve a host of issues ranging from: slavery to states' rights. To fully understand what is happening requires focusing on: key events / issues that led to the rise of the Republican Party and the consequences / transformations of Lincoln's presidency. Together, these different elements will show how a series of incidents redefined America and what it stood for. This thesis statement will underscore the way these shifts occurred and the long term impact they are having on society.
What were the key historical events and decisive issues that led to the rise and decline of the national Democratic Party and the emergence of the Republican Party? The key events that led to the rise of the Republican Party were slavery and preserving the Union. What happened is the issue of slavery created vast divisions inside America. This is because the Northern part of the country was experiencing tremendous amounts of industrialization. Over the course of time, this reduced the need for additional human labor. Moreover, many individuals in the region were from: strong Christian backgrounds and believed that it should be outlawed. (Foner, 2008, pp. 317 45) As a result, runaway slaves found safe havens in the North. At…
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