The Key Factor Behind The Success Of Business

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In today’s world Information and technology (IT) has change the way of company’s business processes; they are interacting with their customers through Internet online at home or on mobile phone. Their way of delivering services are also changed because of that and now there customer scope is wider. Now with the help of IT they don’t have to present everywhere physically. The key factor behind the success of business is effective and effective IT alignment with business strategies and processes. Necessity of alignment is felt in numerous articles and case studies. As per one export IT and business alignment is number one concern from last 5-6 years, alignment of IT capabilities with business needs is still an area of concern.
Chan and Reich has listed over 150 studies after research of several years into Business and IT alignment. It is still area of research why can’t we find a solution for business and IT alignment; it shows that academic research is not enough to solve this problem and which is true up to one extent. I believe that real time scenario is still not included in research or I can say we are still gathering that information every year whenever a new business process aligns with IT. I am going to discuss few of the issues, which were faced by GE healthcare while doing IT alignment with different hospitals. Current and future challenges involved in IT alignment. Moving from a product to a solutions focus is a daunting challenge for most B2B companies. It is very
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