The Key Factors Behind The Dust Bowl In The 1930s

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No till farming by definition is simply “a system for planting crops without plowing, using herbicides to control weeds and resulting in reduced soil erosion and the preservation of soil nutrients” (1). “In no-till agriculture, the farmer uses a disk or chisel plow to prepare the field for seeding” (3). The plows create a big enough furrow for the seeds to be injected into the ground (3). “Plowing and tillage are major sources of erosion around the world” (2). Plowing and tillage “were key factors behind the Dust Bowl in the 1930s” (2). According to Brad Plumer of The Washington Post says “churning up all that soil can release a significant amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, helping to warm the planet” (2). Also according to Plumer
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