The Key Factors Of A School

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Motivation is one of the key factors of a school looking to encourage its students to become lifelong learners. We place in our classrooms or outside our classrooms placards or pendants of our alma mater. Perhaps, we believe within ourselves that if we display where we went to school, or college that this very act will instill in our students the determination to learn or attend college themselves. I’m not disagreeing with the practice. Actually, I hope one day to take time and place my bio info outside my classroom door. However, I am aware that if I want my students to become lifelong learners. I must first become a lifelong learner myself. I must model the expectations set for the students. Moreover, the real task begins when we try to create a school as a learning community. In other words, how do we keep teachers educated and excited to learn themselves. This is another task for the principal. Although, it seems difficult, it can be done. The principal must continue to invest into the educating of teachers even when there is no budget. Last week, we reviewed and discussed the fact that teachers need to continue to learn if we are to inspire our students to become lifelong learners. Roland Barth provided insight to how teacher growth impacts students tremendously. Barth stated, “Teacher growth is closely related to pupil growth.” (Barth). It is essential that teachers began to realize that what they did yesterday may not work today; therefore, they must
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