The Key Factors That Shape American Political System

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The key factors that shape American political system both domestic and foreign policy of the United States are the Division of Powers, Democracy, and Economy.

In most countries of the world national authority and power are assigned to various individuals and groups through politics, usually through compromises between conflicting interests.
Through politics, governments are elected or appointed. Governments have the power to interpret and apply the rules and decisions that determine the way to administer nations.

The rules formulated by governments cover a broad range of human affairs, including trade, education, marriage, health care, employment, military service, religion, travel, scientific research and exchange of ideas. Usually, a
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The US Constitution creates a system in which different institutions share power.
So to evolve through time we see at present, the United States have a tripartite government composed of three branches namely: Judicial Legislative, Executive and in which each counterbalances the other to avoid it to become an absolutist system, hence arises the phrase of checks and balances, so the legislative branch is responsible for formulating the general laws that will regulate the daily lives of Americans, the executive branch is responsible for sanction and monitors the application of legislation and, the judiciary has the duty to see that these laws adhere to the Constitution and resolve disputes that arise between individuals and citizens and government through the law courts.

As an example of this counterbalance, it is to mention that the Congress that consists of the Senate and House of Representatives may restrain a presidential excess refusing to approve some measure favored by the President, revoking to him a veto or removing him from office. Also influences the federal branch because it can change the number of jurisdictions in the lower courts or remove judges. Meanwhile, the president has veto power over Congress and its power over the courts is defined with the nomination of magistrates. For their part, the courts can declare laws or the behavior of the president as unconstitutional.

One of the reasons
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