The Key Factors of Google's Early Success

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This meant developing better search results for their users. Focusing on the user was a key factor for Google in the early era. By launching Personalized Search, Google highlighted the importance of the user and made it easier for the user to search and obtain results that they were actually looking for.

A good Business model: Google Inc., initially started with a paid listings in 1999, and then later on in 2002 decided to adopt Overture’s cost per click model but made it more effective with basing it on Google predictions, and therefore giving them more revenue. Additionally they started Contextual paid listings. Developing Froogle gave users a product search service. Google maps was also introduced. With strategic partnerships such as the acquisition of DoubleClick, Google was able to expand on AdSense algorithms.
Improving advertiser features by offering free software like Google Analytics, allowed Google to earn significantly more than its competitors.

An efficient Management team: Google’s management in the early days instilled strong corporate values. The team portrayed Google to be similar to the personality of the management. They tried to be ethical in their decisions, make their own rules and focus highly on technology.

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